Boost online sales with B2B Checkout

Offer a seamless purchasing experience tailored for your business customers’ needs, with net terms and better payment options

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B2B sales, now digitized

Grow your revenue

Offer invoice-based payments to online business customers to drive conversion and increase AOV.

Improve your margins

Shift more of your online sales from credit cards to ACH transfers to reduce the cost of doing business.

Increase sales efficiency

Direct more business shoppers online and let your team focus on growing the business, not busywork.

Get paid on time

Customers schedule payments at checkout, so you won’t have to chase anyone for collection after delivery.  

Everything your business customers need for checkout

Customizable net terms
Multiple payment workflows
A simpler purchase process

Everything your business customers need

Customizable net terms

Set unique purchase terms for your customers based on your relationships and their purchase history.

Multiple payment workflows

Business shoppers can pay by card and ACH or even send the invoice to their business’s billing contact.

A simpler purchase process

B2B shoppers enjoy the premium terms they expect without unnecessary phone tag and manual forms.
Easy to integrate

Use a hosted experience or an e-commerce platform plugin to add B2B Checkout to your accepted payment methods.

Built-in business verification

Industry-leading risk and compliance capabilities ensure only eligible businesses gain access.

Safe, secure, and compliant

Our servers are kept in PCI and SOC 1, 2, and 3 certified data centers with 24/7 monitoring.