Save time & money with Melio's bill pay for bookkeepers

Streamline your clients’ bill pay. Make ACH transfers and mail checks with just a few clicks. Eliminate dual data entry with an automatic QBO sync. And the best part - it’s all for free!
Payment approval workflows
Easily add users to schedule and approve payments. Stay in control by setting up roles and permissions.
2-Way sync with QuickBooks
Eliminate dual data entry with automatic two-way sync for all your bill payments with QuickBooks Online.
A Free payment solution
No sign-up or monthly fees and no charges to recipients. Pay your bills with a bank transfer, your vendors receive a bank deposit for free or a check.

One login for all your clients

All your client accounts, accessible from a single dashboard, including their payment status and QuickBooks sync. Introduce your clients to an easy, intuitive, and cost-effective bill pay solution that you both will love.

paying with a credit card

Payment scheduling

Schedule payments in advance to go out exactly when they should, save time, and better manage your clients' cash flow. A smart and simple solution.

paying with a credit card

Multiple payment options

Offer your clients the flexibility to pay vendors with a free ACH bank transfer or with their credit card (2.9% fee). Vendors choose to receive ACH or a check, with no need to open an account.

paying with a credit card

Dedicated support

need a hand? our dedicated team of experts is here to assist you via chat, email, or phone to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

paying with a credit card

More ways to send payments

Pay multiple bills  at once

Save time on scheduling each bill individually, select multiple bills and pay them all at once.

Split a bill into many payments

Hang onto your cash flow by splitting bills into multiple payments and payment methods.

Make payments across borders

International payments lets you pay vendors in the UK, Canada and Eurozone for goods and services.
decrease in payment handling
Time saved on
paying bills
Accounting solutions
Saved on each client onboarding
walker agency

One priceless pricing

Bank transfers are completely free.
$0 Sign up
$0 Monthly subscription
$0 Bank Transfer (ACH)
& bank deposit
$0 Receiving credit card payments
2.9% fee applies for payers
$0 Unlimited clients
$0 Unlimited AP/AR management
$0 Unlimited users per account

See what bookkeepers are saying about Melio

"When it comes to accountants and bookkeepers, one of the biggest benefits in Melio is in simplifying the process of paying bills from beginning to end. I just click a few buttons and it gets sent to my client for approval. It saves me so much time and frustration."
David Perry
Founder of Latitude Bookkeeping Service
“Being able to scan all of my clients for unpaid bills at one time is a real time-saver and settles my mind that I haven't perhaps missed something. It's great!״
Todd Plager
Proprietor, Small Bookkeeping LLC
“I'm an outsourced CFO for multiple organizations, and Melio makes it easy to manage my clients' payables. Since Melio is fully integrated with QuickBooks, I just pay the bills from the Melio interface with a single login and QuickBooks is updated. What a great timesaver!”
Dan Weiss
CPA, Founder & President, Counterpart CFO