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Get bill pay out of the way

Pay with ACH or debit. Melio will send checks or ACH on your behalf, for free.

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Melio keeps all your details 100% secure so your sensitive information remains private.

How does Melio work?

Add bill details

Take a photo, upload a file, enter details, or connect QuickBooks Online.

Select payment method

Pay with a bank transfer or card*, even where cards are not accepted.

Choose payment delivery

Melio sends a check or bank transfer. Recipient doesn’t need a Melio account.

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Free account, free ACH & checks
Let Melio take care of check delivery
Maximize your cashflow
Seamless sync with QuickBooks

Free account, free ACH & checks

There are no sign-up or subscription fees. Open your free Melio account, and start paying and getting paid for free.

Maximize your cashflow

Pay business bills with your credit card, even where cards are not accepted! Defer payments and hold onto cash longer.

Pay multiple bills with a single click

Save time on scheduling each bill individually, select multiple bills and pay them all at once.

Seamless sync with QuickBooks

Log in to your Intuit account to connect QuickBooks for 2-way sync between your bill pay and your accounting.

Join businesses across the U.S. that pay their bills with Melio

"Melio has been a complete time-saver for us. We would recommend anyone wanting to simplify payments to use Melio. ACH and paper checks are FREE, what else can you ask for?"
Rajeev Talreja CorkTree Fine Wines & Liquors
Rajeev Talreja
CorkTree Fine Wines & Liquors
"In an ideal world, there would be no checks. All we would do is just get payments through Melio."
André Tamers
Founder, De Maison East, De Maison Selections
"As a business owner I had nothing but a great experience with Melio. Racking up CC points through my normal course of business, extends my 'Days Payable' even further by using CC for all expenses and the simple user interface makes it easy to get in, pay bills and get out"
John Hackerson
President & Owner, TREECO

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