Pay all your vendors with a credit card

No more handwriting paper checks. Pay all your business bills with a credit card (2.9% fee), even where cards aren’t accepted*. Defer payments, hold on to cash longer and maximize rewards.

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The owners of The Block Distillery Co. and a credit card they use to pay their business bills.

No monthly fees

Free trial? No need. Registration doesn't cost a thing and there are no monthly fees.

Easy to use

Pay all your suppliers in one place. Enjoy a seamless experience with Melio’s dashboard.

Maximum flexibility

Pay however you like. Your vendors still receive payment how they want. They don’t even need to sign up.
5 checks each month—on us.
Sign up and sync Melio with your accounting software. Keep your books in check plus, get 5 free checks.

Make your bill pay more efficient.

Maximize your cashflow

Get up to 45 extra days to hold on to cash. How? By paying with a credit card (2.9% fee), your vendors get paid on time while you only pay when your credit card bill is due.

Deferring credit card payments to get vendor paid on time but pay off card a month later.

No more busywork

If your supplier only takes checks, we’ll write and send it for you. Your bank details are never on the check, protecting you from fraud and check forgery.

Choose how your vendor gets paid: ACH, paper check or a single use virtual card.

Connect with QuickBooks

Get automatic 2-way sync with QuickBooks Online. Spend less time in the back office, more time front of house.

Melio and Quickbooks working together.

Rack up those points.

Take advantage of your rewards, use your credit card and earn every time you pay a business bill. Get cashback, airline miles, front row tickets, or whatever else you want to use your points for.

Bill details are easily trackable with Melio.

How Melio helps businesses like yours.

Chris Rippe, owner of Bierstadt LagerhausChris Rippe, owner of Bierstadt Lagerhaus

"We honor our old brewing traditions and new ways of paying vendors."

Chris Rippe
Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Owner

Sarah Hauser, owner of Proof Wine & SpiritsSarah Hauser, owner of Proof Wine & Spirits

“Having all our vendors on Melio's network is magical, just like wine.”

Sarah Hauser
Proof Wine & Spirits, Owner

Jessica Barrand and Jennifer Maglieri, Owners of Boulevard Bottle ShopJessica Barrand and Jennifer Maglieri, Owners of Boulevard Bottle Shop

“It’s not just paying vendors on time; it’s about building relationships.”

Jessica Barrand and Jennifer Maglieri
Boulevard Bottle Shop, Owners

Jean Gleason, Co-Founder of Smith & TruslowJean Gleason, Co-Founder of Smith & Truslow

“Now we focus on securing ingredients instead of checks.”

Jean Gleason
Smith & Truslow, Co-Founder

Nicolas Farrell, CEO and Managing Partner of Mondo MarketNicolas Farrell, CEO and Managing Partner of Mondo Market

“I get to focus on fine foods, not a table full of invoices.”

Nicolas Farrell
Mondo Market, CEO/Managing Partner

Talia Haykin, Owner and CEO of Haykin Family CiderTalia Haykin, Owner and CEO of Haykin Family Cider

“Quality apples are key to our cider. Scheduling payments in advance is key to our business.”

Talia Haykin
Haykin Family Cider, Owner/CEO