The best payment solution for the food and beverage industry

No matter what you’re cooking, delivering, serving, or brewing, Melio’s payment solution can save you time and money.
Photo of a pastry chef surrounded by payment options that Melio offers, including: a bill he needs to pay, paying with a credit card and scheduling a payment.

How it works

Icon of cell phone taking picture of a bill.

Add bill details

Paying or getting paid? Take a photo, upload a file, manually enter details, or sync your accounting software.

Icon of a bank and credit card.

Pay or Get Paid

Making a payment? Choose how you’d like to pay. Getting paid? Send your customers a branded payment request.

Icon of getting paid through email.

Seamless payment experience

Payment is automatically sent to your vendor or deposited into your account.

There’s an easier way to pay and get paid

Make payments on your terms

ACH bank transfers are totally free. Your vendors receive a check or bank deposit. They don’t even need a Melio account to accept it.

Invoice and different payment methods like check and credit card.

Maximize your cash flow

Pay your vendors and suppliers with a credit card* (2.9% fee), even if they don’t accept them. Using a credit card will allow you to earn rewards, extend your float until your next billing cycle and optimize your business’s cash flow.

Icon of credit card and bank.

Sync seamlessly with your accounting software

Eliminate double data entry with automatic two-way sync for all your bills and bill payments with your accounting software.

Melio logo with Quickbooks and Freshbooks logo.

Schedule payments

Schedule bills like rent and utilities in advance and avoid late payment penalties. You can also select multiple bills and pay them all at once.

Scheduling payments for different vendors.

Manage and track every incoming payment

Handing over cash.

Pay button

This feature allows your customers to pay online, without having to set up a Melio account. Their payments will arrive directly into your bank account, without additional fees.
2.9% fee.

Control over payment fees

When customers pay you with a credit card, you can choose to pass along the 2.9% fee to them. Or if you want to encourage faster payments, you can cover it yourself.

No subscription fees

No monthly fees! Melio is free to use - only certain transactions have a cost attached.

Food and beverage professionals trust Melio

“Using Melio has reduced the cost of processing payments by 20% and enables De Maison East to get paid 10 times faster than before.”
Ryan Looper Director, De Maison East
Ryan Looper
Director, De Maison East
“Love Melio, it has been a complete time saver for us, we would recommend anyone wanting to simplify payments to use Melio. ACH and paper checks are FREE, what else can you ask for?"
Rajeev Talreja CorkTree Fine Wines & Liquors
Rajeev Talreja
CorkTree Fine Wines & Liquors
“We started using Melio for the credit card, but now we use it to pay all our vendors and we love the simplicity.”
Jeff Segal Owner Domestique Wine Shop
Jeff Segal
Owner Domestique Wine Shop