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Imagine you finally find the perfect vendor. A vendor that meets your standards and budget. Most importantly, one you also have a great working relationship with. The only problem? They happen to be located across the border in Canada, which makes it difficult when the bill comes. 

Up until now, many U.S. businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), that often lack access to advanced solutions, realize they don’t have an easy, cost-effective way to send payments internationally. 

That’s where Melio comes in. Today, we are happy to introduce international payments into our existing, seamless online process. 

What this means for Melio users like you

You get to keep your existing workflows by paying all your bills right on Melio with the same interface you already know and love. 

This means you now have a simple, reliable, and trackable system to manage all payments—both domestic and international—on a single platform.  

How it works

International payments are made using Melio’s existing payment workflow. All you have to do is:

  1. Add your bill.
  2. Select Bank Account as your payment method.
  3. Pick International Payment when asked how your vendor would like to get paid.
  4. Add your vendor’s international details and schedule the payment as usual

Click here for full step-by-step instructions on how to complete an international payment.   

Let’s talk costs

SMBs should enjoy the same value as larger enterprises when sending payments without burning a hole in their pockets. Bank fees for international transfers can be intimidating, going as high as $49 per transaction. Melio, on the other hand, charges a flat tax-deductible fee of $20 per international transaction, which adds up to significant savings for your business in the long term. 


Supported locations and currencies
In addition to domestic payments throughout the U.S., Melio now supports payments from U.S.-based businesses to businesses in the following areas: 

Visit our help center for the full list of countries you can now send payments to. 

Currently, only transactions in U.S. dollars are supported. This means that you’re sending the payment in USD and your vendor receives it in the same currency. 

Support for additional currencies via Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) is coming in 2022. 

Take it for a spin

Now that you can pay all your business bills—both within and outside the U.S.—with Melio, you no longer need to alternate between payment platforms. So, keep your vendors happy no matter where they are in the world by using a safe, familiar, and fast solution to process their payment.

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