The simplest way to pay vendors on the go.

With the Melio app, small businesses can easily pay their vendors with bank transfers for free or with a credit card, even where cards aren’t accepted.* There are no subscription fees and your vendors don’t need to sign up.
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5 checks each month—on us.
Sign up and sync Melio with your accounting software. Keep your books in check plus, get 5 free checks.

Join thousands of small businesses who simplified their vendor payments with Melio.

Give your business payment flexibility.

Vendors insist on checks? No problem. You can still choose a payment method that works best for your business.

These are the fees. No surprises.

ACH bank transfer
We mail your check
*First 2 checks each month are free.
Credit/debit card

The Melio app makes it easier to pay vendors.

Pay by card

Even where cards aren’t accepted.* Defer payments for up to 45 days to improve your cash flow.

Track payments

Multitasking? Quickly check in on the status of any payment without having to open your computer.

Simple bill pay

It’s now easier to pay vendors wherever you are. Slide to pay vendors in an instant and keep that relationship strong.