Melio postcard promotion
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How do I get the $200 reward?

You will get the reward after you complete the following steps: 

  1. Open a new Melio account and fill in your bank details.
  2. Complete four payments through Melio, in the total amount of $500 or more.
  3. Complete these terms by April 28th, 2022. 
Is there a limit to the number of rewards in the promotion?

Available rewards for this promotion: 1,000

What does it mean to “complete” a payment?

For the payment to qualify for the promotion, the payment has to be paid to the payee and processed in full before the offer expires.

I’ve made 4 payments in total of $500 or more. How do I get the reward?

Congrats! Once you’re qualified, the $200 reward will be deposited directly to the bank account you registered with to Melio.

What happens if I signed up, but not through the promotion link?

In order to be qualified for the promotion, you must sign in using your promotion link.

I’m already a Melio user. Can I participate?

This campaign is for new users only (who do not have a preexisting Melio account). But stay tuned to future campaigns and promotions!

Can I share the link with other businesses for them to get the offer as well?

Yes, you can!

I met all the conditions for the offer, but I haven’t received the reward. What should I do?

Make sure the details you provided us are correct. If you’re still having difficulties, please contact us at info@melio.com

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