General terms

  • To be eligible to receive a $200 reward, a potential user receiving the postcard must successfully register to Melio, and must successfully complete at least four payments that are not charged back or refunded for a total payment volume of $500 or more prior to April 28th, 2022.
  • Eligible users will receive the reward by bank deposit to their bank account, as listed in their Melio account.  Users are responsible to ensure their bank account details are filled out and accurate.
  • Maximum available rewards for this promotion: 1,000 (first 1,000 to meet the requirement above).
  • Melio reserves the right to end the promotion ahead of time or to make changes or additions to this promotion for any reason at any time, and reserves the right to withhold payment of rewards in case of fraud or abuse on the part of the payee or the payor.
  • Melio users (churned & active) or companies affiliated with or associated with existing Melio users can’t participate in this promotion - this is for new users only.
  • Users MUST use the personal link in the postcard in order to qualify for the promotion.
  • Users can’t pay themselves or make any other payments except for a bona fide business payment that complies with Melio’s Terms of Service.  Only such eligible payments will be counted towards the promotion and calculation of eligible volume.
  • Accountants can’t add themselves as a user or otherwise participate in this promotion.
  • The promotion is relevant for U.S. businesses only.

The promotion is subject to Melio’s Terms of Service.