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Brought to you by Melio
Your alarm goes off. What’s the first thing you think about when you open your eyes?
The most genius thing ever invented is…
Choose a flavor:
Your friend’s in town. Where do you take them?
On a Saturday afternoon you are…
Choose your superpower:
It’s pouring rain outside. What do you do?
POV: you’re home…
Wow, that dream was just like the movie I watched last night.
Ouch, my back. I need to stretch.
The light and the sound of the morning birds is so nice.
Alarm? Ha! I was jumped on 2 hours before my alarm ever went off.
Nespresso machine
Massage chair
Powdered sugar
Botanical garden
Foot massages
That new hipster cafe
A 1950’s style drive-in
Amusement park
Trying to meditate
Playing with toy cars and LEGOs
Catching a matinee movie
Soaking up some sun in the park
Meeting friends for brunch
Talk to animals
Unlimited energy (no sleep needed)
Time travel
Create a copy of yourself
Put on your boots and go play in some puddles
Make a hot drink and grab a blanket
Bring your delicate plants inside
Take a hot bath
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